Zepps who?
We specialize in creating original resin sculptures and designer toys,
meticulously hand-crafted and hand-painted. No AI. No mass-production.
it's a slow creative process inspired by the vibrant street art community of Amsterdam.
We use 3D printers as a way of making collectable art in limited editions.


Amsterdam, the perfect playground for street art

Amsterdam is the ideal city for street art.
It's a place where creativity thrives amidst an environment that encourages artistic expression, and it's celebrated for its open-mindedness and rich artistic heritage.
The capital's commitment to the arts is evident in the provision of legal spaces for graffiti, which not only legitimizes but also encourages this form of expression.
The city's cultural diversity injects an array of styles and narratives into the street art scene, making it as varied as it is dynamic.
Regular festivals and events dedicated to street art and graffiti attract a mix of local and international talent, underscoring the city's dedication to this art form.
It's this unique blend of history, culture, and artistic freedom that makes Amsterdam the perfect backdrop for our hand-crafted designer toys.
Each piece becomes original, echoing the spirit and creativity of the city's thriving community of street artists.

Limited edition
We keep the production small. First come, first served
No secondary markets
Zepps' designer toys are available only on this shop
Hand-made, hand-painted, and stored within a design custom packaging
Premium quality
We use only top resins, 3D printers and quality materials


Orders and shippings

Our art toys are made in Amsterdam and shipped in Europe. Due to the nature of our crafting process, orders placed online may take up to three weeks for shipping. We ship once a month, typically in the third week of the month, ensuring each scultpure reaches you in perfect condition.


Are you an artist? Let's chat

Zepps is also a meltinpot where the culture of resin toys meet street art, graffiti art and other forms of artistic expression. In a nutshell, we collaborate with the Amsterdam local artists to create unique collectibles. We bring the medium. The artist his/her touch. Connect with us to find out more.

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